Talk to us about WeBid, our auction bidding service

Buying a property is stressful enough even for the most experienced property purchasers

Using an expert buyer’s agent to bid on your behalf can help you ‘buy better’ and to secure the right property at a price you are prepared to pay. 

Having an independent expert on your side, who understands real estate strategies, will ensure you keep to your budget, don’t pay more than the property is worth or miss out through inexperience.

Develop and agree a buying strategy
Represent you at auction and bid on your behalf
Manage pre and post auction negotiations
Help with contract completion and deposit payments

WeBid. Affordable pricing for everyone

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Engagement Fee

$750 + GST

This fee means the buyer’s agent will commence working with you under a services agreement.

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Success Fee

$1,500 + GST

This fee is only payable on a successful property purchase. This will be when contracts are exchanged.

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