The top 10 growth areas in Sydney and regional New South Wales

The property markets are running hot in 2021, but there are still some opportunities for growth in certain areas throughout New South Wales.

Our top picks in Sydney

Demand has shifted towards houses through the pandemic, but as lending restrictions come into focus next year there will be a ripple effect into some of the locations where price growth has lagged. Affordability will begin to bite for houses in Sydney’s top-performing suburbs next year, but there are still suburbs and pockets where prices have not yet soared. These areas offer an opportunity to catch this property wave for buyers in Sydney. 

Affordability will begin to bite for houses in Sydney’s top performing suburbs next year, but there are still suburbs where prices have not yet soared.

Just as all of our top 10 danger zone suburbs have been focussed on units, the top picks for buyers are all focused on houses in suburbs where prices remain reasonable. In Sydney, the top picks range from around 10 to 40 kilometres from the centre of the city, and we expect family-appropriate housing in these suburban locations to perform well from here. 

SuburbPostcodeDistance to the CBD Median Price1-year growth
Glenmore Park274550km$912,04518.5%
Bossley Park217630km$889,67118.1%
Winston Hills215323km$1,252,81019.7%
Figure 1 – Top 10 Sydney property picks 

Our top picks in regional New South Wales

Regional house price growth has been solid over the past year, and the best picks all have median prices of under $1 million.

We expect some curbs on lending in 2022, so buyers should be mindful of this. Our top regional picks for New South Wales cover a range of locations up and down the coast, where houses can be secured for well under $1 million.

SuburbPostcodeDistance from the CBDMedian House Price1-Year Growth
Umina Beach225740km$941,01531.8%
Banora Point2486666km$822,26730.8%
Woy Woy225643km$850,67230.4%
Nelson Bay2315154km$797,85625.1%
Oak Flats252985km$762,59521.2%
Figure 2 – Top 10 regional NSW property picks

Stock levels have been unusually low through this cycle to date but should pick up as Covid-19 restrictions are eased. As a result, we believe there will be more choices for buyers over the coming 3 to 6 months, but as the market for detached homes is still competitive, buyers need to be clear about their strategy and act decisively.

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