The big picture podcast

Michael Yardney sits down with BuyersBuyers co-founder Pete Wargent, to discuss the Australia economy and our property markets. They look at the big picture, the macroeconomic factors affecting not just Australia’s economy, but the world economy better understand what’s ahead for Australia’s property market.

The duo touch on the following topics:

  • What it’s like to live in the UK that’s not in lockdown
  • How Australia side-stepped a recession
  • The shape of the recovery
  • The effect of extended lockdowns on the economy
  • How vaccination increases and restriction increases will boost the economy
  • The Reserve Bank’s vision of an economic rebound
  • The fall in job ads and the number of Australians working multiple jobs
  • The current unemployment levels and what’s projected to happen to them
  • The reduction of Australian credit card debt
  • The increase in Australian savings
  • The current activity in home loans
  • The fact that property prices have been largely unaffected by the pandemic, lockdowns, and restrictions