Rosie Yeo: This is how to create a powerful property strategy

With the property markets across Australia hitting uncertain times, Pete sits down with strategy expert Rosie Yeo to discuss why it is more important than ever for property investors to have a strategic plan in place.

During the chat, Rosie explains the three key elements that fuel a powerful plan: the importance of mixing data and information with creative ‘what if’ thinking and how you can still make big long-term decisions with confidence during such heightened uncertainty. Find out about why setting a long-term property plan can expand your ambition, provide clarity and how it can help you turn your property investing goals into reality.

Rosie is the go-to strategist for boards, executive teams, and business leaders because of her skill in helping people collectively imagine and achieve a better future. Drawing on her decades of experience and comprehensive knowledge of strategic theory, Rosie offers a fresh, engaging take on future planning that cuts through the jargon to provide practical advice and inspiration. Rosie lives in Sydney, Australia, and works across the Asia Pacific with Boards, executive teams, and stakeholders to steer complex discussions, design better futures, and deliver positive change. Rosie’s keynote speeches will change the way people think about future planning and inspire us all to become more powerful strategists in our life and work.

Rosie’s book ‘Ready to be bold – How to create a powerful strategy in uncertain times?’ is available on Amazon and Booktopia. Plus, check out her free planning tools and resources.

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