How BuyersBuyers can save you time, effort and money

BuyersBuyers is an online network of buyer’s agents. Get connected to an experienced buyer’s agent, wherever you’re looking to buy in Australia.

If you’re a homebuyer, upgrader, downsizer or investor, BuyersBuyers can help you find, research, negotiate and bid on properties. And you’ll only pay an affordable, fixed fee – they don’t charge a commission. It’s money well spent. Because BuyersBuyers don’t just save you time and money, they could save you thousands of dollars off the purchase price of your property.

Currently, only a small number of Aussie home buyers use a buyer’s agent to make buying a home or investment property easier and more affordable, compared to more than 50% of buyers in the US. Why? Because until now, engaging an experienced buyer’s agent in Australia involved an expensive initial outlay. Fees were typically around $15,000 per property transaction, and often considerably more in Sydney and Melbourne. But with BuyersBuyers, that’s changed.

BuyersBuyers makes engaging a buyer’s agent more affordable

With our national buying power, we are able to provide significant savings of up to 30%* on agent fees. Our pricing is fixed and agreed upon upfront, you won’t be charged a 2% or 3% commission. With BuyersBuyers what you see, is what you get, and you won’t get stuck paying more because the cost of the property has increased.

BuyersBuyers don’t just save you time and effort, we could save you thousands of dollars off the purchase price of your property.

BuyersBuyers puts a property expert in your corner

We focus on what concerns Aussie homebuyers most — negotiating and acquiring their desired property. We are giving buyers the added advantage of having someone on their side, to level the property playing field, all at a more affordable cost. For too long, hiring a quality buyer’s agent in this country has only been for seasoned investors and the wealthy.

BuyersBuyers is the first national buyer’s agent network

BuyersBuyers takes pride in the quality of buyer’s agents we have in our network. We know our buyer’s agents are some of the most effective in the business, highly respected and with a wealth of knowledge and experience.  We can connect you to industry leaders like Pete Wargent and Rich Harvey so that you can buy with confidence.

BuyersBuyers helps you buy better and saves you time and effort

Everyone’s property journey is different but we can guide you no matter what stage you’re at. Whether you’re looking to buy your first home, upgrading to your next family home, or searching for an investment property, we help you to buy better with tailor-made products designed to suit your needs…whether you need a lot of help or just a little – we can do it all for you.

WeBuy. Is our entry-level property buying service. If you know your budget and know what property you want or where you want to buy one of our WeBuy packages can help you complete the deal.

WeFind. Is our superior end-to-end property buying service, quoted specifically to your needs. We help with everything from the initial market research through to the exchange of contracts.

WePlan. Understand your goals and turn your property dreams and wealth aspirations into reality with a strategic 10-year property plan. We connect you with a highly experienced property expert to help you develop a long-term strategy – a practical plan with expert insights for the next 2, 5 and 10 years.

WeIntelligence. Here at BuyersBuyers we believe that knowledge is power, and that is why we have a large selection of complimentary market news, proprietary tools and insights available on our website, to help you stay one step ahead of the property market.

Are you looking to buy your new dream home? Contact us today to find out how having an experienced buyer’s agent in your corner can give you the edge.

*Based on savings already made by BuyersBuyers customers

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