The property outlook for 2021 and beyond

Pete Wargent joins the Michael Yardney podcast to discuss the outlook for property, for 2021 and beyond.

Brightening outlook

No one expects 2021 to be the same type of rollercoaster ride as 2020.

And while there’s plenty of good news for our economy and our property markets, it’s important to remember that considerable uncertainty remains and the extreme dislocation to many businesses over the past year will take time to resolve.

Now the general optimism is well-founded.

We seem to have the virus under control, around 93% of the jobs lost during the pandemic have now been restored – and that’s a tremendous achievement and our property markets are rebounding.

Australia and the world also stand on the cusp of the biggest vaccination rollout in human history, which will only increase the rising levels of consumer and business confidence we’re experiencing.

2021 Property Trends

It seems that everybody has been making predictions for our housing markets for 2021 and they’re all extremely positive.

In this podcast we discuss  5 property trends we think will occur in 2021