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One of the most important investments you make in life is in your education

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Pete Wargent

Buying a property is often one of life's biggest financial decisions.

Here's a look at 8 key warning signs to consider carefully before pulling the trigger on a prospective purchase


2020 has been a hugely disruptive year in many respects, and although policymakers and the government have stepped in with some massive stimulus measures, not all sectors of the economy can be insulated from the fallout of the pandemic. 


In the not too distant past, borrowers were rushing to lock in interest rates because they feared paying double digit mortgage rates. 

Pete Wargent

Well, so much for the looming surplus!


Why obtain a mortgage pre-approval?


One of the oldest debates in the property circles is whether you should invest for capital growth or cashflow. 


A new online platform is saving Aussie property buyers thousands on the price of buying their homes by connecting first homebuyers, upgraders, downsizers and investors with independent, industry-leading buyer’s agents to help them find, research, negotiate and bid on properties.


Not only investors, but also homebuyers will need to think strategically when buying a property in 2021.


Traditionally it's believed that a recession is a bad time to buy a property.


Have you ever heard of a Buyer's Agent? Buyer's agents or advocates represent property buyers during real estate transactions. They're often confused with real estate agents, but these aren't synonymous professions. Real estate agents are those who provide services for a seller, while a buyer's agent is hired by a prospective buyer.


There has been plenty for homebuyers to think about this year.

On the one hand, record low mortgage rates are now encouraging many renters to reconsider the rent versus buy equation. The mortgage repayments for owner occupiers with 20 per cent deposit and low serviceability risk, are very low. Put simply, in many areas it's 'cheaper' to buy then to rent. 


Buying a unit of apartment in Australia has become a more popular choice in recent years, and there can indeed be some advantages to apartment dwelling or medium density living. 


Australia’s hugely strong population pyramid in the 25-35 years old age bracket combined with a raft of government incentives will bring additional first homebuyers into the market. With Aussies moving less frequently than they once did, it’s more important than ever that the first purchase is a smart one. Here are the 6 tips every first homebuyer must consider. 


All parents want to give their kids a solid start in life, and finding ways for your offspring to get aboard the housing ladder sensibly often forms an important part of this challenge.

Pete Wargent

Homeowners are holding on their properties for longer to improve their odds of success when it comes to capital gains.

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