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Hobart's property boom isn't ready to quit yet. 

Despite being a top performing housing market over recent years, stock listings remain tight, and the shortage of suitable rentals persists. 


As a relatively small housing market, a small shift in demand can have dramatic effects on the fortunes of the market.

An inflow of migrants to the Top End is leading to a very tight market, surging rents, and with price rises to follow. 


Victoria has suffered disruption over the past year, and is no longer attracting migrants from interstate.

The sharp drop in population growth has led to an oversupply of city units, but overall the market remains robust. 


South-east Queensland has been one of the biggest beneficiaries of Australia's powerful stimulus packages. 

With working from home becoming a reality for more Australians, chronic rental shortages have emerged at Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.


Although first homebuyer numbers will likely fade in H2 2021, investors are now picking up the mantle.

Inner-city apartment markets are now stabilising, while the suburbs are regions continue to rise. 


Adelaide hasn't featured much in property market commentary in recent years, yet housing prices have lifted by 10 per cent over the past year.

Although there is some concentrated building of units in the city and its immediate surrounds, Adelaide's rental market is becoming very tight.

Canberra barely felt a ripple from the pandemic disruption, with very little impact on health or household incomes. 

While the strongest purchasing power in the country pushes prices higher, rents for houses have surged since the introduction of higher property taxes, making ACT the most expensive place in the country to rent a home. 

Sometimes it seems crime does pay as houses in affected areas outperform the market in Sydney and Melbourne. 


Outlook strong for houses on the Sunshine Coast as buyers hone in on lifestyle options, ultra-low interest rates and the ability to work remotely.


Now is the time to prepare to buy for prospective homebuyers in Melbourne, says Pete Wargent, co-founder of BuyersBuyers.com.au, a national marketplace now offering affordable buyer’s agency services to all Australians.

Doron Peleg

Adelaide-Central and Hills is the only area in Greater Adelaide where principal and interest loans for both owner-occupier and investor loan repayment amounts are higher than the annual rent.

Doron Peleg

Southeast Queensland renters are being urged to take advantage of the ultra-low interest rates as paying a mortgage in most areas is cheaper than paying rent.

Doron Peleg

Ultra-low interest rates have created a unique environment where buying a house in most areas of Greater Melbourne is cheaper than paying rent on one.

Doron Peleg

Apart from one area, interest-only loan repayments for owner-occupiers in Greater Sydney are higher than the annual rent, meaning now is the time to buy if you are in a position to do so.


Buyers looking for the perfect property trifecta are placing their bets on the Victorian port city of Geelong where lifestyle, accessibility to employment hubs and affordable housing are the key to capital growth.

Doron Peleg

Having already been hit hard by a major oversupply issue, the Brisbane unit market continues to suffer thanks to COVID-19, leading to both equity and cash flow risk.

Pete Wargent

When assessing the risk of over-building, a common and reasonably sensible approach is to compare the number of properties in the pipeline to the established housing stock for a suburb or sub-region, to get a feel for the potential uplift in the dwelling stock.

with Clare Corby of Capital Buyer's Agency

Canberra has seen some very high auction clearance rates lately, and it’s one of the first questions I’m asked lately about the Canberra market. Yet this statistic isn’t one that I suggest buyers look at as the ‘be all and end all’ of measuring the market.

Doron Peleg

Investors buying rental apartments are taking an enormous gamble with not only equity and cashflow risk materially increasing, but also serviceability risks.

with Clare Corby of Capital Buyer's Agency

When you’ve found a property that you want to pursue, it’s often a stage where buyers come unstuck. The process of buying real estate can’t be too complicated, surely? Found a place, make an offer, right? The problem is, the sales agent and vendor are actively pursuing the highest possible sale price - and as the buyer, you’re after the opposite. Or at least you hope so.

with Clare Corby of Capital Buyer's Agency

Perhaps the best way to describe this is to compare the differences. Before you begin to consider what your time is worth, let's consider two different experiences...

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