WeBuy, our property advice & shortlist service

If you have already found a property you would like to buy, or prefer to do the property search yourself, we offer a negotiate and purchase option. Our WeBuy service is designed to help you assess and negotiate on your selected properties. This streamlined property buying service lets you access the help of our expert buyer's agents more economically.

As part of this service, you find up to three properties in the same location. We review each of the properties, provide you with bespoke property data and insights to help you determine the appropriate value for the properties, recommend the best strategy to secure the purchase, and conduct the negotiations on your behalf. Once your offer has been accepted, we manage the process and liaise with real estate agents and conveyancers/solicitors to ensure a smooth contract exchange and a successful settlement.

Have peace of mind knowing you will have an expert on your side to save time and minimise stress, all for a very competitive fixed fee that is agreed upon upfront.

Why use Buyers Buyers to help you buy your next property?

  • We are expert property buyers. All our buyer's agents have years of real estate and property purchase experience and in-depth industry knowledge, which means you can feel confident you will get the right property at the the right property.
  • We provide independent advice. Whether you are buying a first home or a brand new investment property, our advice is based on due diligence, true market values, and in-depth knowledge. Trust a team that’s helped people buy thousands of properties.
  • We make your property buying experience stress free. So forget worrying about missed paperwork, overpaying or missing out on the home you want - our experts provide clarity, simplicity and a smooth buying experience.

What WeBuy includes

We review your three properties and provide strategic advice
We carry out in-depth research and provide a Property Profile Report
We provide an estimated valuation on each property
We arrange for any independent, building and pest inspections
We negotiate strongly with real estate agents and vendors on price
We liaise with solicitor and conveyancers on contract terms and conditions
We run a due diligence process and oversee the relevant property searches
We manage the terms and exchange of contracts and the process through to settlement

WeBuy. Affordable pricing for everyone

Success Fee
Success fee

$3,950 + GST

This fee is only payable on a successful property purchase. This will be when contracts are exchanged.

Find your next property in four easy steps

Get in touch with us to determine how we can best help based on your unique circumstance.
Confirm your budget and brief next-step
Confirm your budget and brief

Once you have a mortgage pre-approval and know your budget, we will develop a brief based on your requirements.

Connect with a buyer’s agent next-step
Connect with a buyer’s agent

We will match you with a buyer’s agent who best fits your needs, unique circumstances, and desired location.

The property assessment commences next-step
The property assessment commences

Share up to 3 properties with your buyer’s agent. They undertake due diligence and recommend a strategy to secure the property.

Get the keys to your new property
Get the keys to your new property

Once your offer is accepted, the buyer’s agent manages the process to ensure a smooth contract exchange and a successful settlement.