WeBid, our auction bidding service

Buying a property at auction can be stressful, even for the most experienced property purchasers.

Our WeBid service will suit you if you are uncomfortable or unfamiliar with the auction bidding process, unable to make the auction day, or are buying interstate. This service allows you to have an independent property expert by your side, bidding on your behalf on auction day for a low fixed cost agreed upfront.

Our expert buyer's agents understand the different real estate strategies, have a deep knowledge of how auctions work, and know the nuances of property legislation in Australia’s various states and territories. They will work with you to set the maximum budget threshold and ensure you don’t get caught up in the excitement on the day and pay more than the property is worth or miss out through inexperience and at all time represent your best interest.

Why choose BuyersBuyers to be your auction bidding specialists?

  • We meet with you to develop an auction bidding strategy and ensure you understand the auction bidding process.
  • We are a team of expert property buyers, and able to make decisions based on years of industry knowledge and property market experience. Ensuring you pay the right price for your property.
  • We provide independent advice - based on due diligence, true market values and in-depth knowledge built over years.
  • We make your auction bidding experience as stress free as possible. Relax and let someone else worry about competing with the highest bidder, reserve price negotiations and ensuring your don't make an overpriced emotional purchase.

What WeBid includes

Develop and agree a buying strategy
Represent you at auction and bid on your behalf
Manage pre and post auction negotiations
Help with contract completion and deposit payments

WeBid. Affordable pricing for everyone

Success Fee
Success fee

$1,500 + GST

This fee is only payable on a successful property purchase. This will be when contracts are exchanged.