Our Services

We offer a variety of services to accommodate any budget: WeBuy, WeFind ('Full Service') and WeBid for you


Take the hard work out of finding the right home and slash thousands of your purchase price.

We've put together five buyer's agent services designed to suit every Aussie property buyer's budget.

Select the service that best meets your needs - from a bespoke bidding option to make buying your dream property easier at auction (WeBid) to a more hands-on strategy that includes property due diligence, maximising your available funds, negotiation, and more (WeBuy). If time is your challenge we can also assist you with a shortlist of ideal properties to consider (WeBuyPlus).

We also offer a traditional buyer's agent experience, our full-service option (WeFind) takes care of everything from initial property search and recommendations to contract signing. Just brief us, and we'll do the rest.

And finally, for those who aren’t quite ready to initiate a purchase but would like to develop a property acquisition strategy we have WePlan.

our service offering summary

Item Details WeBuy WeBuyPlus WeFind WeBid
Detailed market research Full market research with a recommendation
End-to-end search and find Full search service, including sourcing available off-market deals
Property shortlist We provide a shortlist of properties for your considerations
Property inspection Arrange/carry out independent inspections of the property
Property due diligence Arrange building and pest inspections, property reports
Purchasing strategy Discuss bidding strategy or offer approach
Property profile report Deliver our detailed, in-depth Property Profile Report
Property recommendation We recommend a property selection in our full WeFind service
Arrange and oversee due diligence searches Arrange and oversee the relevant property searches
Liaise with conveyancer Liaise with conveyancer or solicitor on contract terms
Negotiate and acquire Negotiate contract terms, offer price, contract exchange
Bid at auction Agree budget, register to bid on your behalf on the day
Post-settlement support Depreciation schedule, tenancy, property management

Five packages to suit every budget


I'm not quite ready to buy a property but would like to make a start.


Our unique entry level affordable property buying service.


Our unique property search and shortlist service.


Our full end-to-end property buying service.


Our auction bidding service.