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Claire Corby's profile

Claire Corby
Claire Corby
(CEO and Founder, Capital Buyer's Agency)

Claire Corby is a born and bred third-generation Canberran, and proudly so; it's a beautiful city to live in and raise a family.

Having grown up in Canberra, Claire knows the subtle characteristics of each area and has witnessed first-hand the changes across the suburbs over time. 

She knows exactly where the subtle pockets of desirable and less-desirable areas are within each suburb, the no-go zones, and the hidden gems. 

The depth of Claire's local knowledge across the Canberra region is your key to saving a great deal of time, effort and money.

Founder of Capital Buyers Agency and with a background in accounting and property investment, her approach is based on detailed research and an intimate knowledge of her niche market. 

Claire and her team have helped hundreds of Canberra buyers since 2014 and thrives on helping each client secure their ideal property at the very best price.

Claire is a strong advocate for equal representation for buyers, a regular media contributor on the ACT market, and the State Representative for REBAA (Real Estate Buyer's Agents Association of Australia) - the peak national body for buyer's agents.