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John Comino's profile

John Comino
John Comino
(Founder, Bridge to Bricks)

A licensed and independent buyer's agent, John takes the pain out of purchasing a property by helping investors and homebuyers make informed property decisions.


John completed a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Macquarie University in 2000 and qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 2004 while working at a senior level within Finance across range of large commercial enterprises.


He has over 20 years of professional experience in commerce working across Europe and Asia, and is now dedicated to working with people to achieve their property goals.


John purchased his first property in Sydney at the age of 27 while working overseas.


He is now a long-term property investor with a portfolio that focusses exclusively on the Sydney market.


John pivoted into the real estate industry professionally to follow his passion, and to help people with their property decision making.


With a background in accounting and finance, he understands that research, due diligence, and the numbers behind any property purchase decision are paramount.  However as a long term investor himself who has seen property cycles unfold, he recognises the successful property investing is both art and science.  This is where experience counts.


John’s passion is to match people to properties, so he really takes the time to understand what the client's underlying priorities and tastes are.  With deep agent relationships across the Sydney market as well as a strategic understanding of real estate as an asset class, John is committed to securing the right property at the right price.

John is a fully-licensed real estate agent in New South Wales, and remains a qualified Chartered Accountant.


A family man with wife Chris and their three young children, John is based in Sydney's Lower North Shore.