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A buyer's agent is a licensed and independent real estate agent who works exclusively for you as the buyer of your desired property. An independent buyer's agent is not - and cannot act as - a selling agent.

An experienced and skilful buyer's agent, such as those that we have on our panel, will assist you as the buyer to buy right every time by helping you to avoid risk through their detailed due diligence process, and by negotiating the best possible price and terms on your behalf.

Many times you'll save more on the cost of your purchase price than your BuyersBuyers.com.au fee - it's a service that pays for itself.

You'll also benefit from reduced time, costs, and stress, knowing you have an experienced property insider in your corner throughout the home buying or investment process.

Only 2-3% of property purchases in Australia involve a buyer's agent, compared to around 45% of transactions in the US (and even higher percentages in some other countries).

Cost and lack of awareness about the services available are the chief reasons why Australians haven't used buyer's agents more often in the past.

Typically, Australian buyer's agents can charge up to 2% plus GST of your property purchase price for their services and often ask for a non-refundable engagement fee. This is just too prohibitive for many Aussie buyers.

We've changed all that. BuyersBuyers.com.au offers more affordable buying services (WeBuy and WeBid), focusing on your more pressing concerns—price negotiation and property acquisition.

You'll focus on what you're already comfortable doing - your search strategy and researching the right property for you.

We also give you every chance of success by offering our 100% service satisfaction promise on our unique WeBuy service.

Research shows property buyers find the purchase process stressful, time-consuming, and costly.

You'll probably need to inspect multiple properties and make many offers. Sometimes you'll miss out on a property you love or pay more than you should because you're not a property insider.

Because our expert buyer's agents are actively working in the property market every day, they're more familiar with the common risks and pitfalls. They can help you avoid them, making the process simpler, faster and stress-free.

We'll reduce the time it takes you to buy the right home or investment property. You'll save thousands of dollars using our agents' negotiation skills and experience.

Smart negotiation techniques can slash thousands off your purchase price. Our agents spend every day negotiating property prices and terms - it's what they love to do. Using a buyer's agent levels the playing field - and gives you a 'fair go' against more seasoned property buyers.

We also follow a rigorous due diligence process to ensure you avoid the common risks and pitfalls associated with buying real estate. And we'll save you time by streamlining the entire process to present you with more opportunities to find a property you'll love.

Finally, the sooner you buy the right property, the faster your investment will appreciate, and your net worth and nest-egg will build over time.

We believe every Australian homebuyer should have a fair go in the property market.

Until now, the cost of hiring buyer's agents was prohibitive, accessible only to seasoned property investors and those will well-padded bank balances.

BuyersBuyers.com.au has levelled the playing field by putting a property market insider in your corner…at an affordable price.

BuyersBuyers.com.au was co-founded by Pete Wargent and Doron Peleg to deliver affordable property buying services to all market participants.

Pete is a buyer's agent with over a decade of industry experience and a Chartered Accountant with Fellowship, formerly with Deloitte.

Doron was the founder of Riskwise Property Research, a firm specialising in property market performance analysis.

We've put together a panel of Australia's top, award-wining buyers, including Michael Ramsay (the founder of REBAA), Rich Harvey (President of REBAA for 4 years), Pete Wargent (international property buyer, finance & real estate expert and prominent property commentator) and many more.

As we grow, so will our panel - and we'll continue to carefully chose our panel members for their extensive experience and qualifications in the Australian property market. We'll also ensure they're fully licensed to act on your behalf and highly regarded in their respective markets for their ethics and professionalism.

We deliver our buyer's agent services in every Australian state and territory.

Each state and territory has its own real estate legislation and processes. It's therefore critical you engage a professional buyer's agent with the appropriate licensing, professional indemnity, and intimate local market knowledge for the area in which you intend to buy.

We offer five levels of service.

  • WePlan is our affordable 10-year property plan service.
  • WeBuy is our core property buying service. We'll focus on negotiating up to three properties on your behalf, delivering in-depth market insights, a detailed property profile report and overseeing the due diligence and property acquisition processes.

    And, for a limited time, we'll professionally PROMISE that you'll be satisfied with our help in navigating the Aussie property market. If you're not 100% satisfied with our services, we'll refund your WeBuy engagement fee IN FULL!

  • WeBuyPlus offers all the benefits of WeBuy. In addition one of our independent buyer's agents will search and shortlist a range of properties for you to consider based on a detailed brief. We'll focus on negotiating up to five properties on your behalf.
  • WeFind is our end-to-end property buying service. It includes strategic planning, research, property search and acquisition.
  • WeBid gives you expert help bidding at auction.

WeBuy – engage us for just $2,950 + GST. Upon successful purchase (i.e. contract exchange) you'll also pay a success fee of $2,000 + GST. Remember, if you're not successful buying your chosen property, we’ll refund your engagement fee in full, for a limited time only. Click here for more details

WeBuyPlus – engage us for just $2,950 + GST. Upon successful purchase (i.e. contract exchange) you'll also pay a success fee of $6,950 + GST.

WeFind - engage us for just $2,950 + GST. Contact us for our competitive success fee quote.

WeBid - engage us for just $750 + GST. Upon successful purchase (i.e. contract exchange) you'll also pay a success fee of $1,500 + GST.

Before you're ready to buy, ideally you should consider:

  • A clear strategy and budget
  • Completing high-level research
  • Obtaining mortgage pre-approval via your broker or lender

We'll take care of the rest, including helping you engage a buying team (conveyancer, building inspector, etc.).

  • Secure documented mortgage pre-approval
  • Tell us your budget and property goals

We'll take care of the rest including undertaking full market research, making purchase recommendations, delivery of a detailed property report, arranging all inspections, liaising with conveyancers and solicitors, doing all due diligence, negotiating with vendors and agents and overseeing settlement processes.

Once you've got mortgage pre-approval, get in touch.

We'll take care of the rest.

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