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Residential Property Risks and Opportunities Report
04 Sep 2020

There has been a good deal of uncertainty brought about by COVID-19, and some price falls are to be expected in the housing market in the immediate term.

However, the cost of new borrowing has fallen to record lows, and Australia has fared better than most developed countries, both in terms of how well it has contained the spread of the virus, and in terms of its stimulus and economic response.

Our market research shows that some sectors of the housing market represent a high risk at the present time, in particular inner-city apartment markets which are oversupplied and are experiencing falling rents as Australians look to avoid the higher density locations.

On the other hand, homebuyers looking towards buying houses with a high land value and strong component of scarcity may find opportunities to buy well, especially if they are assuming a time horizon of several years or longer. 

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