We connect you with highly regarded buyer's agents to deliver affordable homebuying advice and assistance that will save you thousands

For far too long, accessing a quality buyer's agent was only for those who had an extensive property portfolio or a well-padded bank balance.

We've changed all that - by creating a service that's affordable for all Australians.

Why? Because we believe every homebuyer deserves equal access to the expert guidance that will help them buy their dream home or investment property for less.

We created our unique market platform to connect you with highly regarded buyer's agents to deliver the affordable homebuying advice, insights, and assistance that will save you thousands - whether you're a first-homebuyer, upgrader, downsizer, or seasoned investor.

Our passion is helping homebuyers purchase their perfect property for the right price. You can find out more about how our unique service can help you here.

What we do

We connect you with our buyer's agents, who'll help you find the perfect property at the right price, with services from just one-third of the cost you'd typically spend on buyer's agent fees.

We believe every Aussie homebuyer should have affordable access to the kind of reputable, independent, expert advice seasoned property investors use to slash thousands of dollars off their purchase price.

That's why we connect Aussie homebuyers with our buyer's agents, who'll help them find the perfect home, negotiate with sellers, bid more successfully at auctions, and more.

And, because we know and understand the Australian property industry inside out, we can reduce the stress and time of sourcing and buying the perfect home for you for just one-third of the cost you'd typically spend on buyer's agent fees.

In fact, the agents on our BuyersBuyers.com.au panel have such strong negotiation skills, you'll likely get your buyer's agent fee back in purchase savingsā€¦and then some. It's a win-win proposition.

Let us introduce ourselves

We're a close-knit team of Australian property experts who are revolutionising the way Australians buy property.

Currently, just 2% of Aussie homebuyers use a buyer's agent to make buying a home easier and more affordable, compared to more than 40% of homebuyers in the US.

We've made finding a top buyer's agent easier and more affordable - you get up to two-thirds off premium buyer's agents' prices without compromising on the service and insights used by seasoned Australian property investors with extensive portfolios.

We can do that by offering more affordable buying services (such as WeBuy and WeBid) that focus on your chief concerns - negotiating and acquiring your chosen property. You focus on areas you feel more comfortable with, such as strategy, research, and property searches.

Buying a home is potentially the biggest decision of your life. Don't leave it to chance.

Get help from top experts who can make the process easier, quicker, and ensure you avoid expensive mistakes.

Five packages to suit every budget


I'm not quite ready to buy a property but would like to make a start.


Our unique entry level affordable property buying service.


Our unique property search and shortlist service.


Our full end-to-end property buying service.


Our auction bidding service.